Trump’s Disgusting Press Conference

I have just posted a couple of poems about Trump on the poetry section and what I have said there is, to some extent, a duplication of what I write here. But who cares? Those poems were both written over two years ago but their relevance is extraordinary. He has not become presidential in any way as some of us, including me, might have thought he would.

Trump’s disgusting performance at that now-infamous press conference was mind-boggling. I understand better now, I feel. He thinks that his bullying tactics, that he presumably developed on the Apprentice show which I never watched out of principle – neither the US nor the UK versions – will appeal to his followers. They regard it as a sign of strength. I regard it as a sign of weakness. No wonder the western world is divided!

The two poems dedicated to Donald Trump – one written when he was a candidate, and one post-election – will not appeal to his ardent followers.
It is such a screaming paradox that the US democratic system gave us Barak Obama, the first black head of state of the G7 and a man who the vast majority of Europeans respected, followed by the first genuine white lunatic who makes Democrats nostalgic for George W. Bush and who seems to revel in generating disrespect amongst moderates!