So, this is Brexit

A silly song dedicated to all Brextremists worldwide, sung to the tune of “So, this is Christmas” by John Lennon (or more or less) and with humble apologies to all concerned. For obvious reasons to be blamed upon the EU Commissioners, because January 2021 comes after the 25th of December 2020, I was not able to publish this for the Christmas festivities, as we had to wait for the benefits of Brexit to be manifest for the words to have any meaning.

So, this is Brexit


So, this is Brexit

What on earth have you done?

The talking is over

The confusion begun


And this is YOUR Brexit

We hope you have fun

It looks bad for the old ones

And even worse for the young


A wonderful Brexit

In this saddest New Year

You said what we’re seeing

Is just Project Fear


Let this be YOUR Brexit

The weak and the strong

The rich and the poor ones

You all got it wrong


Your trucks wait at Dover

The fish are all dead

Erasmus is cancelled

And your tape is all red


And so happy Brexit

You think you’re still right

 Will the last firm to leave us

Please turn off the light?