Sycophantic Psychopaths

Yet another political polemic. The title is taken from a response to a Tweet which I posted some weeks previously. This gave birth to a poem/song for which I have thieved a well-known tune. Forgive me, for I have only done so to enhance the beauty of the expression and, hopefully, revive some interest in a fantasy film which I am proud to say I have never seen.

Sycophantic Psychopaths

Sycophantic psychopaths around the Cabinet table

Ministerial mindlessness from those who are unable

To tell the truth – or be contrite – their politics: a label

Psychopathic sycophants who think they’re strong and stable


A masochist misogynist who says he’s really cool

The fulminating feminist considers him a fool

An overweight apologist who thinks she’s still at school

Sycophantic psychopaths just share their right to rule


Arrogant advisers who abandon all morality

Bootlicking bureaucracy that undermines plurality

Parliamentary precedents are absolute banality

Psychopathic sycophants preaching practicality


Corruption and confusion, both, condemn our Constitution

Politicians, once in place, support no substitution

Systemic reformation might lead to revolution

Sycophantic psychopaths: a career of prostitution


Psychopathic sycophants pretend to be precocious

They all seem to exhibit political psychosis

Their fight to stay in power is frighteningly ferocious

Sycophantic psychopaths are something quite atrocious