Moral High Ground

Dedicated to those Twitter erstwhile followers who resort to insults against my person because they disagree with what they think I think or even what they think I think about what others think. Ad hominem attacks tend to degrade the quality of any debate but also lend credence to the person insulted.

Moral High Ground

When descending from your moral high ground

Be not by blatant bias bound

Make sure your analysis is suitably sound

For you have no intellectual entitlement

Oh, Master of Morality, we humbly beseech you

Despite their inadequacy, let these weary words reach you

What can we mere mortals even try to teach you?

So blessèd be your enlightenment

As we wander through our worlds of woe

We may not know where truth will show

But let’s treat no man as mortal foe

Because he defines his own moral high ground

He may select streams where pure water hides

He may praise the courts where the law abides

Or even turn to a church where belief decides

What’s wrong or right or profound

Some may point to a person with a dubious way of dressing

Who even for the sinner will say a simple blessing

They may be pleasant but there’s no way of guessing      

Whether they’ve really thought things through

Some believe in a nation as if that is THE solution

Or feel that morality is the opposite of pollution

There are those obsessed with divine retribution

Or any other weird world view

So, give us this day our daily bread

That we might clear bad thoughts from head

And let nothing lead to the awful dread

That only holiness can confound!

We are unenlightened, yet live by what we see

Not by what your followers might think we should be

Will your statements start to set us free

From the oppression of your Moral High Ground?