Moral Absurdity II

This poem, revised two and a half months after my release, was written shortly after my incarceration in 2015. It’s a bit of a rant, but, on reading it now, I still feel that the narrative is correct and can be justified. Most of us – including myself at one time – are naive enough to imagine that the justice system seeks the truth rather than simply to convict. In reality, as can be seen and heard when people from the CPS are interviewed on radio or television, their judgement is purely based upon whether they feel a jury will convict. Most importantly, in my opinion, the lengths that they are allowed to go to to convince the jury to convict are surprising for anyone with a moral compass functioning normally. For example, it is apparently acceptable for the prosecution to deliberately omit facts – they are deemed to be badly informed or overworked. However, if a defendant omits any facts they are deemed to be dishonest. Moreover, the use of innuendo to influence the jury is commonplace yet there seems, under the English system, no way for the defendant to object until it is too late and the seed of suspicion has been sown.
I would be very happy to be able to debate these issues with the powers that be, but doubt whether I will ever be given the chance. However, if you feel that there is some truth in what I have written here, please be kind enough to “like” the poem or subscribe to my channel. Of course, you might well dislike the poem but agree with its sentiments, in which case please make a comment!

Moral Absurdity II
Hear this my friends – let this poem touch
Whoever accepts to be known as such
Let these simple words make you think of me
Though jailed in body, my mind is still free
Free to prove – if proof were needed
That its independence has not been ceded
To the sinister forces that have placed me here
In an attempt, announced, to broadcast fear
Fear, perhaps, of their sleights of hand
That complacent, ignorant, idle band
Who declare their professions particularly pure
Within a justice system safe and sure
That’s supposed to sponsor equality
Yet gives quantity priority over quality
That band comprised of political players
Police detectives and protected layers
Of the legal elite, the barristers and judges
Friends of criminals, bearers of grudges
And to those criminals who carp, but do not care
If wrongs be right or falsehoods fair
Whether facts inferred really came to pass
Let evil reflect in your own looking glass
That reflection only serves to convict and condemn
Your unholy alliance of women and men
Feeds so well at the taxpayers’ table
Yet your amoral minds make most of you unable
To contemplate the unthinkable word
The system you support is morally “absurd”

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