A very simple poem about a couple of parakeets that came to visit us. They have been a couple times and sent me a state of near excitement – as near as I ever get these days. Hope they come back.

A pair of parakeets perched on our garden fence
Big enough and bright enough to scare away the crows
Our birdfeeders were their recompense
But where they came from nobody knows
Even the other birds, to us, it seems
Look on as if in avian dreams
Tinted by their green intense
They seem to fear no other bird
Neither large nor small, neither quiet nor loud
Though little sound from them is heard
As they descend to feed so bright and proud
Feathered friends look on from a distant tree
Even they are dazzled by what they see
And as we observe, we say no word
For this is a time we silently savour
These creatures that foreign light to us bring
Beings that have granted our greenery such favour
As so many do by the songs they sing
O, parakeets, may you fly to pastures new
Please return as the other birds do
Be assured, our welcome will never waiver