Stains upon my Character

This is a short poem about guilt, I suppose. Nothing to explain.

Stains upon my Character

There are stains upon my character

And gravy on my clothing

A sauce of unmitigated shame

And the beginning of true self-loathing

Those who seek reality will compare them to their own

Those who seek to blame me, will see the seeds of evil sown

There are stains upon my character

So many deeds of deep regret

Blots upon my copybook

That, at times, I choose to forget

Those who seek to understand, will see life’s ebb and flow

Those who refuse to invest their time, will never this truth know

There are stains upon my character

Which cannot be removed

Except by those observers

Who love and have been loved

For I cannot be the judge of the goodness of my acts

As I cannot judge any other without knowledge of the facts