Born to Lead

A poem written in February 2016 at HMP Highpoint, broadcast today at the start of the process of election of a leader for the Conservative Party, who will become Prime Minister based upon the opinions of less than 200000 party members – or less than one third of one percent of the population. An election which should make the Chinese Communist Party feel democratic – at least it has 80m members out of a population of 1.3bn or just over 6.1 % of the population vote indirectly for their leader! I do not claim any foresight in this text, because there is nothing new in the principles of this election. All that has changed is the Brexit hysteria. The EU has caused the demise of other Conservative politicians. My forecast, for what it is worth, is that the election of Boris Johnson will lead to a General Election which will lead to a coalition government and another, more appropriate, referendum on Brexit.

Born to Lead

Let them take heed, those ‘born to lead’

That we do not exist to enhance their greed

Nor do we accept their right to power

When comes the year, the day, the hour

Then they must justify their acts

Forced to disclose felonious facts

They should not sole arbiters be

Of what we think or feel or see

Nor should they control established belief

From which no logic can gain relief

Unless it complies with their accepted world view

Pretence of progress, assuming rule for the few

And those that purport to be men of the people

Let them shout out from pulpit and steeple

That they are prepared to let elections decide

So that our human rights will not be denied

By their curious behaviour and ancient ways

That their accents reveal and their mindset betrays

Inherited wealth is mere tax by stealth

When rulers have granted financial health

To a chosen few of the unelected

Whose position is by birth selected

Let us not, of them, in envy be

Nor of this outrageous hypocrisy

When entrepreneurs work for their success

Though vilified by the populist press

They, at least, may satisfied be

That their contribution to society

Is generated by their thought and deed

Not gifted by some human seed

The Lords and Ladies clothed in ermine and sable

Who take their seats at decision’s table

And retain the prize for the rest of their lives

Where inherited privilege blatantly thrives

Then have the amazing gall to expect

That they be treated with the greatest respect

Their chosen heirs await their time

To inherit the proceeds of historic crime

As described within romantic prose

In truth, acts of war, whoever the foes

Even monarchs have loudly justified

Piracy, proclaimed with patriotic pride

Those born to lead should now be led

To the graveyards where repose the dead

Who fought for a so-called righteous cause

Protecting a class through foreign wars

Those born to maintain the status quo

Should now to the people true reverence show