Tory additions to the Independent Group bring a boost and a hitch

With the advent of the Independent Group, we have to accept and, hopefully, get used to consensus politics. It is absolutely symptomatic of the UK’s political problems that the media are already trying to establish that there are differences of opinion amongst the members of the Independent Group.

Consensus politics means exactly that!  That is one of the reasons why the new group is made up of Remainers – they actually think politics in a more European manner by looking at what they can agree on rather than what they might disagree on.

It is this disavowment of the adversarial style with which our leaders have traditionally been brought up on that is so attractive. I can hear the worn out expressions already like “Strong and Stable”, “Wet and Weak” and “Left versus Right”. That is exactly what must change and these courageous people are the vanguard.

Pretending that, in order to succeed, they must all agree on everything is only playing into the hands of journalists who have an ulterior motive in underlining discord. Let us hope that there are more MPs courageous enough to join them.

Author: Danny Barrs

Proud to be European, Prison Poet, Humanist, Moderate Vegan, Republican in the UK sense. Music Lover: Schoenberg, Mahler, Boulez, Shostakovich amongst many others Fair weather cyclist, speed walker, amateur mathematician

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