Welcome to Danny Barrs – poet, campaigner and commentator

This blog has been in place long enough now, with almost 10000 subscribers, that I feel I don’t really need to explain why I am doing it.  As an introduction, however, maybe I should just explain the logic of its structure.

The Poetry section is really what this blog is all about, and I include in that the Songs which are just poems set to music, of course. The Songs have become a serious – almost obsessive – challenge to me as, by definition, they take more thought, work and time to produce.

Then follows the Commentary section. Every now and then something appears in the Media which I feel I should  comment on without having the luxury to wait for a poem to be excreted from my brain. I have, in the past, been asked to write poems on specific subjects, but the best I have ever done is a couple of days, by which time any “news” story may have disappeared from collective interest.

Then there are Campaigns. I have to put Prison Reform  at the top of the list, and am a committee Member of Progressing Prisoners Maintaining Innocence and a member of the Howard League for Prison Reform, but there are really many things I would like to see improved in the world. In terms of ideas I have been a passionate supporter of the European Union for many years; indeed very much prior to the first referendum in 1975 and despite the second referendum in 2016.  I am also a moderate vegan, a republican and a humanist. These are positions that I am happy to discuss with any reasonable person, whether they agree with me or not.

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