Body and Soul

A poem written at HMP Highpoint in 2015/16. One of the ways I used to get myself to sleep was by fabricating imaginary journeys, often routes that I had taken in the past. In this poem I imagined slipping out through the gates one day. It also touches on a number of metaphyiscal issues which are of little importance. I would just say that one of the few advantages of being confined is the force of concentration that can be attained – given a little peace and quiet early morning.

Body and Soul

Inside my mind gates open wide

As I beside the guardians glide

They see me not as I pass their door

They hear no steps as I walk before

For it’s my soul that is set free

That senses leaves upon the tree

That welcomes warmth of summer breeze

That feels the freedom mind’s eye sees

No shackles shall my soul restrain

To mute my mind there is no chain

My thoughts held dear cannot be seen

No man may go where my soul has been

Others see my body and think of me

But what I feel, they cannot see

As what I see, they cannot feel

They only know what they think is real

For reality lies within the mind

To others’ thoughts all eyes are blind

Whatever words the world may say

Ideas cannot be ripped away

Nor can they rip away the pain

That’s felt within the suffering brain

Molecules may provide relief

No compound can erase belief

For belief is a matter of the soul

Of which there is no half nor whole

They cannot of its substance seize

Nor can they treat it as they please

Though most belief may be untrue

It matters not what man might do

Man only can convince by word

What changes minds is read or heard

So as my soul moves through its space

Where there’s no caste or creed or race

Other souls may pass it by

Unheard by ear, unseen by eye

And as I dream this vivid verse

The fields and roads that I traverse

Are just as real as others see

A visitant’s view of eternity