Aah, Brexit!

Aah, Brexit!

Aah, Brexit – the gift that keeps on giving!

Dwell not upon opportunities lost

We should, apparently, be just thankful for living

And ignore all post-transition cost

For, unbeknown to us, our rights had been broken

By founding fathers far too foreign

Who fooled us with weird languages spoken

Whilst northern hordes bedecked of sporran

Refused to drink the aid called cool

Asking Leavers questions they found obscene

Despite mendacious meanderings of the blond-haired fool

And regardless of what was said on silver screen


Aah, Brexit – the gift that keeps on giving!

Supposed to stem the tide of immigration

It exchanged its supporters’ standards of living

For a lack of choice across the nation

Of goods on shelves and stocks in freezers

In supermarket, restaurant, and local shop

To please xenophobic loud-mouthed geezers

Who’ll refuse to work with bucket and mop

In conditions they think fit for only migrant others

Colonials who come across far-off seas

Bringing fathers and sisters, brothers and mothers

Worthier, we’re told, than EU transferees


Aah, Brexit the gift that keeps on giving!

Even when Leavers finally want it to cease

When they’re only trying to make a living

Or extend their fire-risk apartment’s lease

Those making promises who’d stop at little

To win their vote through referendum crime

With commitments worth less than a politician’s spittle

Ask you to give their Brexit much more time

Remainers, apparently, have had their day

Our frightful fate now most permanently sealed

In fifty years, or so, they say

The benefits of Brexit will be brazenly revealed

In the meantime, let’s agree that it’s neither done nor over

And reflect upon queues of trucks bound for Dover!





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