A religious man on the radio did say

That the opposite of faith is doubt

Certainty saw no light of his day

And all non-belief was ruled out

A pleasant enough lad

Whose grasp of good logic was truly sad


 But, we must have faith that the sun will rise

Or at least that the earth turns around it

A deed we see with our very own eyes

Nothing, apparently, can roundly confound it

Yet can we be totally sure

That this phenomenon will, daily, endure?


Well, if the world doesn’t last till tomorrow

All that I write will have no meaning

Our neighbours may beg, steal or borrow

Talk of repayment would be demeaning

We’ll be as dead as the nail of a door

And there’ll be no such thing as rich or poor


So, let’s agree to start a doubt-based foundation

Simply to prove a logical point

There could be branches across the breadth of the nation

Led by those who no-one else would anoint

Who would posit that certainty could never exist

And, yet, from all true non-belief desist


My thoughts leave even me confused

For clearly one cannot dispute all belief

Concepts, by the learned may be used and abused

But to the critical mind still give no relief

Ideas with which we continually tussle

Oh where, oh where, is today’s Bertrand Russell?


So, let’s all take faith off the proverbial table

For the sake of this dastardly dissertation

And imagine a world without fiction or fable

Though allowing occasional, poetic, flirtation

Faith will still seem to be needed

Even if the faithful need not be heeded