Why aspire to an afterlife free from the body

Or any truth beyond this world so weary?

Imbued with a logic that kindness calls “shoddy”

Bereft of formal philosophical theory

The seekers of their own spirit’s continuation

Reject the need for any scientific explanation


A multitude of faiths express similar ideas

Though with many a-notable variation

Perhaps to play upon popular fears

Or to generate greater or lesser elation

Believers looking forward to life’s termination

And, at worst, to dissenters’ extermination


Paradoxically they give thanks for their own survival

When natural disaster strikes their community

Even those who’ve discovered new faith by “revival”

Use religion to explain their own immunity

Those good people, dead and injured, were somehow selected

By their “maker” to be slaughtered or by virus infected


Let none of these thoughts be as nihilistic known

Though they deny much that a majority holds dear

Rather, grant these rantings a realistic tone

Against received wisdom that is totally unclear

We’d all love to believe in our own eternity

If liberated from age’s pain and infirmity


Yet all this gives no answer to the question

That has troubled our species down dreadful ages

The subject of so much religious reflection

That allowed sandwich boards to specify sin’s wages

Let’s accept it: after death there is nothing more

Than the memories and genes that have gone before


Give us the grace to focus on this life

And give support to our fellow creatures

Let’s struggle to eliminate unnecessary strife

  • One of humanity’s most futile features

Our lives should leave to the young a better place

Than that to which we first showed our face

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