To this nation

Many will not agree with the opinions expressed in this poem. That’s fine by me. I hope diversity of opinion is fine by you. For me it is as fundamental as belief in democracy itself.

To This Nation

To this nation, wherein hubris and hypocrisy

Disguise our deficits of democracy

The Queen is dead, long live the King

Must we now his praises sing?

From whom or what must he be saved?

In what blessèd water has he been bathed?

We ask his god to save the crown

As if a divinity should thus bow down

In perpetuation of many a royal fable

Wherein the monarch is willing and able

To deny himself all worldly passions

And refuse to bend to mere mortal fashions

A man above all men

Even those who claim to be born again

Defender of the faith, for what that’s worth

Giver of titles to the noble by birth

Supporter of a system so obscure

That all others are cast as somewhat impure

Never explained by any economic utility

The quest for the rational an absolute futility

Will he agree to pay taxes as other citizens do

Or help feed the many before the few?

Yet he expects this austerity state to pay

For outlandish pursuits from another day

Which are supposed to never be called in question

Unworthy be he who may make the suggestion

That there’s a better way to choose heads of state

Than confiding the task to spermatozoic fate

The mysterious magic of the first-born son

Must be, over time, by the people undone

So, to advise other nations on their deficits of democracy

Is such subtle, shameful hubris and hypocrisy