Something of a rant against Trump and his followers. In particular this incredibly annoying expression “Make America Great Again” or MAGA. Annoying, because we all know that the easiest way for an incompetent to shine is to blame all that is wrong with our lives on someone else, as some do in Brexit. Also, all incoming CEO’s, as soon as they get their feet under the table, try to write down any assets they can find to make their future achievements look better. In Trump’s case, he took aim at anything that Obama had accomplished as worthless (or even unpatriotic) and has already told everyone that without his policies in place the US would have been in a catastrophic situation. The fact that the economy was improving before he took office is ignored.


Is this mania we see a long-term curse

Or is it just a passing phase?

There have been epidemics – many far worse –

That killed populations in bygone days

But this mass hysteria is an absurd aspiration

To make great again a once-mighty nation

But wasn’t this nation already great?

The doubters – uninfected – may murmur!

Unconvinced by statements of the new Head of State

For the economy was already much firmer

Returning slowly to financial health

From collapse caused by a lust for wealth

But years of the elite’s real estate speculation

Led to that downward, disastrous spiral

Sellers of securities displayed jubilation

As news of investors’ losses went viral

The Dodgy Dealmaker escaped unscathed

Does He smell of the roses in which His friends bathed?

He has managed to convince His devout disciples

That He is the man that will show them the way

To keep their rust-belt jobs and automatic rifles

And that He was not linked to those that held sway

When worthless assets across borders were traded

What celebrity – his star has not yet faded!

He tries to teach the media a lesson

Narrating His nasty nationalism

Avoiding discussion in open session

Projecting a pious paternalism

His inherited riches He minimises

Lest He be the person we’re told He despises

But a reptile that promises to drain the swamp

Must first extract his family and friends

To the mansions where political playboys romp

Lavishing their loot on the latest trends

Presented as proof of the American dream

Playing to an audience of views extreme

Despite the promises that could never be kept

Strange slogans still stirred His crowd

Inspired by Tweet as all sane men slept

These Magamaniacs of their Leader were proud

Deluded, they think they rule the world

As they kneel and prey before flag unfurled

The wall’s not yet built, the cronies remain

The caravans are still on their way

Trade wars are waged for middle class gain

Though they’ll be the ones expected to pay

So, the sufferers continue to swallow

The narcissistic discourse of the Man they follow

The disease has spread so far and wide

Even as wise men searched for a cure

The healthy in mind now have nowhere to hide

And should strive to make the truth less obscure

You who’ve seen symptoms of His megalomania

Must maintain the fight against this Magamania!