Truth in War

Prompted by the Russo-Ukrainian War but not about it. Just fed up with people believing what they are told to believe and, inexplicably, not even questioning the integrity of institutions stating “facts” without evidence…institutions that they know have misled them in the past!

Truth in War

Truth, for the inquisitive, is among the first victims of war

But not to believers who have chosen only one side

They are the ideal target propagandists work for

To create a narrative behind which these humble humans hide

Like the lies which support a single world view

Convincing to the many, though dubious for the few

Today we can choose to hear our favourite voice

And become embroiled in the deafening descent to deceit

Some, no longer seeking to exercise freedom of choice

As if purchasing a product but requiring no receipt

Thus, many have turned away from neutrality

To defend identity, or faith, or some obscure nationality

So, let us ask ourselves when such “undisputed facts” are stated

Or when we hear quotes from a “usually reliable” source

Let no so-called conclusions be completely created

That were imposed by assumption, insult or force

Reality must be that which is observable by all

Not just by those on whom their “righteousness” may fall

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