This is not to be thought of as being solely about the Israel-Gaza War. It should be applied to all wars, including the Russo-Ukrainian War. Though not a pacifist, I do believe that we should seek peace as ardently as others seek war. Seeking peace always requires a ceasefire of some sort.


1 .

Can peace be achieved through waging more war

And can self-defence be conflated with vengeance?

Ignorance of what others are fighting for

Grants no exemption from penitence

Nor does choosing the humans for whom we care

Nor treating proponents of peace as if unaware

Or as seeking simply to stand and stare

Whilst sniffing suffering’s filthy fragrance


Insulting those who wish all arms laid down

In an irrational, immoral incitement to violence

Gives support to those who would grant a crown

To leaders encouraging a fight more intense

Armed conflict rarely provides a just solution

And victory grants no absolution

To those for whom only retribution

Is their chosen, yet paltry, recompense


Oh, what pride they feel in the marching band

That sends others off to die in shell-shocked mire

Let those who think the gruesome grand

Be the first to build their own funeral pyre

Let them be borne bravely to the battlefield

They for whom to stop killing is to yield

Let them rejoice as their fate be sealed

Whilst true heroes negotiate a ceasefire!