Variations of Infinity


There is not a lot to say about this except that I ‘ve been struggling with a lack of poetic inspiration for a few months, possibly because a stack of other things have been happening in my life. There is no doubt, however, that this sort of writing makes me feel better and, hopefully, has a similar effect on someone, somewhere, out there in digital space.


Variations of Infinity


We stand by the strand to count grains of sand

That trickle down our outstretched hand

The more we know, the less we understand

Of the variations of infinity

For, as fast as we may their quantity measure

Oceans produce them, at their leisure

Providing paddlers with some passing pleasure

Defying dubious links to divinity


We try to number the leaves from trees

That flutter in autumnal breeze

Which every wandering walker sees

Their movement makes them uncountable

We dawdle, dreaming, down country lane

Where acorns flood the floor again

Dear debris blocking ditch and drain

Their summation, a task unsurmountable


How many points are on a line?

Or blades of grass where ruminants dine?

Or pinecones in a forest of pine?

Or all beings that have given birth?

Though rationale exists, comprehension may fail us

Infinities of things just seem to assail us

Unanswered questions that from certainty derail us

For we are mere humans on Earth