Two Poems for Donald Trump

It seems appropriate to post these today following the mid-term elections and Trump’s disgusting performance at that now-infamous press conference. I understand better now, I feel. He thinks that his bullying tactics, that he presumably developed on the Apprentice show which I never watched out of principle – neither the US nor the UK versions – will appeal to his followers. They regard it as a sign of strength. I regard it as a sign of weakness. No wonder the western world is divided!

Two poems dedicated to Donald Trump….one written when he was a candidate, and one post election. which will not apppeal to his ardent followers.
It is such a screaming paradox that the US democratic system gave us Barak Obama, the first black head of state of the G7 and a man who the vast majority of Europeans respected, followed by the first genuine white lunatic who makes Democrats nostalgic for George W. Bush and who seems to revel in generating disrespect amongst moderates!

The Carefree Candidate

Enthralled, they wait on his every word

Their candidate can do or say no wrong

Even those statements, abject or absurd

Are carefully chosen to please the throng

Designed to give the dispossessed some pleasure

Through an over-simplistic vision

Promising insiders a life of more leisure

As outsiders are treated, by him, with derision


He needs no national majority

To gain his party’s nomination

He must just convince a tiny minority

Seduced by the promise of domination

In his demagogic populism

The knowledge that he represents the few

Is combined with a certain cynicism

As he reserves the right to change any view


He need not pay for publicity

For his outrage generates its own

The media engage in this duplicity

As the seeds of democracy’s destruction are sown

Vulgarity finds its place

In the candidate’s mouth and mind

Directed against all opposition

Minorities and even mankind


His ill-gotten gains have led him here

The ultimate proof that cash is king

To a place where true believers cheer

And even the unconverted sing

They want to participate in his selection

To carry guns and build a big fence

Whether or not he can gain election

A moment of elation is their recompense


They are glad their man speaks his mind

Though frequently insincere

Whatever impractical scheme he may find

Is treated as an amazing idea

He need not justify his claims

Nor give precisions to his plan

Accusing power brokers of playing games

This spurious spokesman of the middle-class man


He bullies his detractors, even the courageous

And, when he considers the race almost won

Most of what was seen as outrageous

From his list of proposals will now be gone

He answers his critics by grinning

The opposition is not just second rate

Their incompetence the reason he is winning

He is the carefree candidate




Trump, trump, trump, trump!

The noise of the boys at the election stump

Middle income, middle aged males

Convinced of a class conspiracy

That ensures, for them, that the system fails

While others profit from a flawed democracy


Lock her up, lock her up! The call for conviction

Her critics cry for her crucifixion

It matters not what was her intent

Or, even, whether she has chosen to repent

They say she is part of what made them poor

The solution lies behind a steel-closed door


Deport, deport all that foreign filth!

Flocking to the fatherland to thieve their wealth

Stealing their jobs; changing their way of life

Lowering wages, and causing strife

Build a wall, make them pay, build a wall!

When the weaklings suffer, the strong stand tall


Born into millions, but a man of the people!

Let his praises be sung from tower and steeple

Let his lust for glory and power never stop

Whether or not he tricked his way to the top

With his tiny hands and outrageous hair

It’s the election of Trump that’s a cause for despair