His oven-ready deal finally defrosted

Will our illustrious leader show more care?

Will this Brexit bollocks now be costed?

Though his preoccupations may reside elsewhere

Will the populist receive his final comeuppance?

His “sunlit uplands” now worth less than tuppence


This resignation event only sits atop

A cascade of cockups this woeful week

The disastrous election in the Shire of Shrop

Was just another pernicious peak

Of the multitude that plague this Covid covered nation

While he seeks to preside above his station


Present public concern revolves around parties

And not even those of the political type

Nor those so praised by Islington arties

Presented as pertaining to philosophical hype

No! Concern is centred on Downing Street workers

Who have shown themselves merely regulation shirkers


Oh, let’s get back to the central question

That has troubled the country for at least fifty years

The answer to which most have their own suggestion

Despite gutter press generated gargantuan fears

Where is the UK’s place in the world –

In Europe or behind some forsaken flag unfurled?