The City of London as an Off-shore Centre

The film above is really worth watching for anyone interested in the UK’s democratic deficit, justice system, corruption, tax evasion, or the unpleasant aspects of international finance. I’ve chosen to post this now because I’m fed up with hearing exactly the same allegations levelled against the EU. The fact is, unpalatable as it may be for many, that the UK and in particular the City of London, has profited from what I would call tax diversion since I have been involved in business and has never been particularly more scrupulous than other countries about the source of funds.

It is the question of knowledge of the source of funds that should determine whether money laundering has taken place. We know from my case, however, that the UK Justice System feels no need for any definition when seeking to prosecute money laundering cases. I fully admit to having several axes to grind in these matters, and am prepared to discuss the ramifications of what I am saying with anyone.

It is the hypocrisy of those that claim innocence, however, that we should find so distasteful. It insults our intelligence, our knowledge and our sense of morality to continually blame foreigners for activities that the UK facilitates and from which the fortunate have profited. Moreover, there is a clear suspicion that certain activities are acceptable to UK justice if they are carried out in UK territories and by a certain class of person or company.

It is worse in many ways than most people think or this film implies. If you undermine this system in any way, you will be attacked! So there is a very personal message here.

Author: Danny Barrs

Proud to be European, Prison Poet, Humanist, Moderate Vegan, Republican in the UK sense. Music Lover: Schoenberg, Mahler, Boulez, Shostakovich amongst many others Fair weather cyclist, speed walker, amateur mathematician

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