A short poem totally related to the campaigns of disinformation to which we have been subjected since the start of the Russo-Ukrainian War. Hopefully it will end soon, and we can get back to hearing opposing views on mainstream media…although I’m sure that the warmongers will find a replacement theory.




How their mighty minds meander

These self-styled interpreters of invasive intelligence

Along the paths of all-pervasive propaganda

Whose purpose is to promote belittling belligerence!

Truth is not something which disturbs their vision

All dissenters from their narrative are treated with derision


Oh, these righteous reporters of erroneous reality

Who maintain that free speech is a principle they favour

Who show delight at any news of enemy fatality

Yet from the official narrative they never waver

Patriotism for them is simply evermore war

The fight is what they are fighting for!


And they call others naive – those who refuse

To accept opinions of journalists who treat them as fools

Who do the bidding of governments who wish to abuse

Their power – of which these mouthpieces are tools

They broadcast delusions to which we must never pander

Lest we become proponents of their propaganda