Herd Immunity

This song requires some knowledge of current events but little else. If you do not like the singing, please feel free to turn off the sound and read the words!

Herd Immunity


We’ve come up with a wondrous wheeze called Herd Immunity

We’ll fight the virus by infection of the whole community!

We’ll save the lives of our electors

And even some of our defectors

We can rig democracy with great impunity


Some of the wets will not accept their plight through all this pain

They will never understand what our side stands to gain

True followers will be united

Eugenicists will be delighted

At times of total chaos, let the people take the strain!


We can get the monarchy to make a special speech

Only they can reach the parts that ministers can’t reach

They’ll say we’re all birds of one feather

That we’ll suffer, all, together

Then we’ll find men of the cloth who’re happy thus to preach


All we need to make this work is someone we can blame

We can find some scientists to prove we’ve played the game

They will be just sycophants

And scapegoats can be immigrants

After all is said and done our faithful know no shame


You might feel that this approach is really not too wise

Remember, if it all goes wrong, we’ll have a good disguise

We will wear protective masks

And pretend we were doing vital tasks

In any case, the populace seems happy with our lies!


For those concerned, if truth were known, that the economy might tank

Make sure you’ve placed your savings in some far-off, offshore bank

Millions may lose their living

Just let others do the giving

When it comes to cast your vote, you’ll know who’s best to thank


Now’s the time to draw this song to its reluctant end

Ambition cares not what we do nor if we have no friend

As long as we can stay in power

For an extra month, or day or hour

We will fight with all our might to keep our careers on trend