Day Time

A poem made into a song. No need for explanation as far as I can see. Time is a recurring theme in a number of my poems as are photons and light.

Day Time


Silent, sweet we sense the morning

Sun arising, daylight dawning

Day arrives as dark declines

Yielding to these lighter times

This day has never known the past

We count the time a day will last

A finite term, as if a life

Daytime dies with no sign of strife

It lives a time then is born again

We think we know exactly when

Or so it seems to earthly senses

Time expressed through human lenses

We cannot know another time

Another day with which to rhyme

We only know the time we live

No second more to take or give

Life lived a moment in the round

The seconds spent cannot be found

Spent like shells, devoid of lead

Lost forever like human dead

Other times may well exist

Where days arrive through celestial mist

Where time is counted in different ways

Where hours multiply the days

Our mortal minds assume the power

To count the day, the minute, the hour

Yet photons that reveal the light

Have touched the past – both day and night

Our energy’s from our solitary sun

By its radiation all life is run

But other stars may well hold sway

Over days of time and times of day