A poem, like many others I have published, that examines the nature of guilt and the apparently irrepressible human desire to be absolutely certain of who is to blame for any set of unfortunate circumstances. There is also a reference to the “Justice” system’s apparent inability to disclose the whole truth (and nothing but the truth), preferring instead to merely disclose what supports their case. If everyone realised that, of course, there would be less of a problem. In reality, however, the search for conviction masquerades as the pursuit of truth and many seem to find that acceptable! The case of Carlos Ghosn came to mind in writing this…


Guilty by law or guilty by sin

Guilt is a world we all live in

Whether our skin be white, black or brown

All those up can be brought down

For envy, these days, is a legitimate position

Which needs only limited exposition

Of all the evidence in any deposition


Leniency is not to be granted to the strong

For they can withstand the punishment! As long

As the sentence meted out is sufficient

The justice system is deemed efficient!

Revenge is a vicious word, but seldom said

By the jury before the verdict is read

And even when, from the court, the accused is led


But that feeling shows within the pages

Of the rags wherein verbal violence rages

Their editors know what arouses the throng

The gullible that will sing any hangman’s song

They who might be the accused next time

When a prosecutor needs to invent some crime

Or seeks praise for a delivery that is “simply sublime”!


Strangely, guilt is defined as an absolute

As stated by the man in the barrister’s suit

There is no room for probability or doubt

Guilt is what every trial is about

The naïve may think that truth will be revealed

The innocent may assume their fate is unsealed

But laws are easily made and repealed


Yes, no-one is safe from accusation

When the media are paid to enhance sensation

Even celebrity is a dangerous game

When society is looking for someone to blame

The honest should be tired to the hilt

Of a legal structure that seems to be built

Merely to find a way to prove guilt