Harmony and Dissonance

A very short poem that explores the notions of truth and justice and confuses some preconceived ideas.

Harmony and Dissonance
As the composer of a symphony
Cannot ignore the sound of silence
So, there is no happiness or harmony
That denies the existence of dissonance
The grain of sand that lies alone
Does not define a dune
Repetition of a single drone
Cannot design a tune
Thus, we distinguish daytime
By the negation of the night
Though there is no reason, rule or rhyme
That can defy this writer’s will to write
A line alone does not a poem make
Nor a character a word
But this verse is free for all to take
And, once taken, can still be heard
We may try to teach universal youth
But no number of years can make one sage
And one can see no lies if one sees no truth
Despite the advancement of one’s age
The stories held within human head
Passed on in oral tradition
Repeat inexactly what history said
Yet give an accurate impression
We cannot accept to be judge or jury
Without the presumption of innocence
Tactics a prosecutor employs with fury
Should generate cognitive dissonance
And the liberties which we all hold so dear
Should leave the innocent totally free
Seekers of justice should have nothing to fear
Let that dissonance bring inner harmony!