A second Brexit Commons vote

An article in the FT today suggests that Theresa May could press for a second Commons vote if the first fails. This will further dilute the parliamentary time available to pass some of the legislation that we sorely need.

It seems to me that there are at least two types of Brexiteer – one type with whom you can have a reasonable discussion and one with whom any discussion is a waste of both parties’ time.

The first type is comprised of old-fashioned Eurosceptic patriots who have always felt they could get a better deal from the EU but understand that the nation-state cannot provide the answers to global problems. Their only negotiating solution was to threaten to leave, even though many never thought it would happen.

The second type is comprised of  Europhobic nationalists who believe the nation-state could have worked if only the filthy internationalists (like me) had left it alone. For those interested in economics, their approach can be seen as something like the Efficient Markets Hypothesis. These are the real Remoaners because they have never accepted the result of the 1975 referendum, even if they have only learnt about it at school. As their approach is faith-based they will never be convinced by facts.

That is why I now advocate another referendum which will allow the Type 1s to express themselves clearly. The plan that is proposed to the Commons is not just a farce for Remainers,  it’s exactly the opposite of what the Type 1s were trying to achieve. Trying to please the Type 2s is like urinating into a strong wind.

The will of the people – which people?

Author: Danny Barrs

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