Morning Moon

For once I can put a date to an older poem: 26/27 November 2015, when there was an extreme full moon event as there is tonight. However, this was at HMP Highpoint North, looking through the bars of a cell window early morning. I used to get up as early as I could, in the fading darkness, to avoid the torturous noise. Some birds flew across the beams of light as if they too were surprised and awoken by the brightness.

Morning Moon
The moon is full this morning early
Before the sun negates the night
Before the prison’s hurly burly
That celestial corpse casts low her light
Birds fly across her moonlit beams
As if disturbed by dawn of day
Shadows show great ghostly scenes
That magnify this strange display
Feathered figures flee the face
Of lunar landscape’s lifeless sands
Like souls departing from this space
Seeking solace in some distant lands
Those silhouettes of phantom flight
Recall an ancient darkened room
A cinema lit by flickering light
As human stars shine through the gloom  

Then growing dim as daylight dawns
As if a lovely, lonely cloud
The moon moves on as morning yawns
To lift some other’s shrunken shroud
Scavenging birds are now revealed
They peck at crumbs thrown through the vents
Flying in from farm and field
The fight for food far more intense
Than all a mind’s imagination
And all a poet’s view of life
All concerns of transmigration
All intellectual man-made strife
And as the moon departs from view
The pigeons settle in the sun
The sky becomes a brighter blue
A universe in unison

Written around 26/27 of November, 2015