Holocaust Deniers

A simple poem written for Holocaust Day, whenever that was. It took me a little while to write and says that, today, we should spend more time worrying about those people who deny that it ever happened and maybe less on those who are sadly no longer with us. After all, the most important thing is that it should never happen again.

Holocaust Deniers

Peace be with us all today

As we think of those that died for a label

In concentration camps in the cold north east

That some, feeble in mind, still consider a fable

And as you sit and eat your Sunday feast

Feed not the greed that stands in memory’s way

Welcome these thoughts to your dinner table

Through you those who suffered may have their say

Think about those lost families and friends

As we wish ours, the living, “long life”

The unforgotten brother, sister, father or mother

Who failed to survive this man-made strife

Crushed by the rush to condemn the other

On whom no shield of compassion descends

They separated child from husband and wife

For an ideology whose egregious evil never ends

They stand behind and stoke the fires

Those who refute this torture’s existence

Forgive the followers, blinded by leaders

Consider them weak, or prone to pretence

But never placate or tolerate

The true designers of funeral pyres

Those sowers of seeds of rumour and hate

Deny space and time to Holocaust Deniers