Life Together

A simple poem written at HMP Highpoint for and to my wife who has stood by me through some very difficult times.

Life Together

We’ll be together soon

We’ll share the sun, the stars and moon

Walk wooded ways and leafy lanes

On rural roads, in summer rains

We’ll try to name the birds

And argue about the meanings of words

Discuss the future, the present and past

Wondering if our health will last

We’ll search out exotic, ethnic foods

And try to buy collectable goods

Convincing ourselves of their value unseen

By those whose eye is not as keen

We’ll go to the city by train

To hear music that will feed the brain

Some sounds and sights that are totally new

Living our life as we’ve chosen to do

We’ll return amidst fellow travellers

Drunken, dishonest, dishevelled late stragglers

Talking of them as we try not to stare

Wondering if they’ve also paid their fare

We’ll wake early morning

I’ll be at my desk, as daylight is dawning

You’ll listen to the radio with breakfast tea

Just making the most of being free

We’ll no longer have to talk by phone

Speaking to each other when we’re alone

Seeing the sky and smelling the breeze

Embracing wherever, whenever we please

We’ll have no more visits to organise

No plastic chairs, no prying eyes

As you leave, no fleeting, furtive glance

Our life no longer managed by chance

We’ll take control of our life

Being a husband, being a wife

No more manipulation by unseen hand

No more drama we don’t understand

We’ll have survived a sad separation

And sometimes exhibited exasperation

Though there has never been any doubt

That our life together is what our life’s about