Psychosis of Corona

No need for a caption for this topical poem

Psychosis of Corona

Are there any lengths to which man will not go

When threatened with some foreign disease?

Politicians tell us what they think we should know

Of microbes borne by nits and fleas

While, on stage, the famous gentlemen of Verona

Have fallen silent before the Psychosis of Corona


And who dare drink that famous homophonic beer

Once the pride of the coke-sniffing classes?

Which, in trendy bars, after work, brought cheer

Now waiters are staring through empty glasses

And the gregarious banker becomes a loner

As, even he, submits to the Psychosis of Corona


When, after the pub, before commuter train

Stragglers did once wend their way to the station

In icy blast or tempestuous rain

They used to stop for roadside restauration

Allegiance to the take-away, the hand-held Doner

Now abandoned through the Psychosis of Corona


The stockpiling of food now so commonplace

The search for supplies – such a difficult task

The friendly queue has fallen from grace

Forgotten polite questions we used to ask

No random thoughts from a rabid Remoaner

Just a rotten result of the Psychosis of Corona


When, off from work, on some windswept shore

With economy still in a state of shock

Amidst the underemployed who needed more

Who now are condemned to watching the clock

Fear not, please salute that embattled beachcomber

Refuse to submit to the Psychosis of Corona


So, when someone offers an outstretched hand

Whether washed in tune to our national song

Or an anthem played by military band

Don’t merely consider your own health too long

Or reject the gesture of the member’s owner

Let’s turn away from the Psychosis of Corona

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