Resurrection of Insurrection

A poem concerning the January 6 insurrection in and around the Capitol building and he responsibility of the then president and his supporters. It’s worth remembering that the devastating truth of the situation was only just being revealed by the time Easter came around and I thought that a little juxtaposition of events and beliefs might be of interest.

Resurrection of Insurrection


Last Easter ended with thoughts of Resurrection

But did believers, then, sincerely reflect

On Congressmen complicit in the Capitol insurrection?

And what beliefs did those marauding crowds respect?

They who threatened a country’s democracy

To satisfy one faction’s hypocrisy

Their intentions were not the least obscure

They thought their acts and deeds most pure

Told by their Messiah that the “Swamp” needs correction


Compare the insurrection of Easter 1916

That of Dublin was of a different kind

A resurrection of a dream by generations foreseen

In the memories of many a meticulous mind

An instigator’s intent surely does matter

And speeches are not meant merely to flatter

Nor castigate those who would do least harm

This Messiah used what some refer to as charm

Though his legacy, objectively, was far from pristine


Now, you, the seekers of divine perfection

Who put such a man on a political pedestal

He who manifests such lack of introspection

Who thought this insurrection some kind of festival

Who sees all compromise as a lack of strength

And thinks untruths to be sustainable at length

How could you make no logical distinction

Between liberty of expression and truth’s extinction

Amid warnings of violence at this insurrection?


False enemies are so often resurrected

By populists who wish to avoid all criticism

But, for an insurrection, they must be carefully selected

And read aloud to the crowd with wayward witticism

No, let’s be clear, not all insurrections are equal

Though to each such act there is always a sequel

But herein lies a warning to the dastardly despotic

And to the supporters of the electorally exotic

This narcissist of note was resoundingly rejected