Every Moment

A poem dedicated to Judy McDowell a Twitter friend and well-known Twitterer. Not quite the poem I intended, Judy, but I hope you’ll accept it with its best intentions.

Every Moment

Every moment is the result all moments before

And each will last forever more

As points on a line of time without end

While sparks of light the stars still send

As this planet revolves to define our day

An infinity of moments has been in play

Celestial bodies pass by day and night

We approach them, then they are lost from sight

They were once seen way beyond our star

In some solar system, light years afar

At a position within this universe

Where no human will ever read this verse

They cannot fall from sky to ground

Nor do they move in circles round

Their noise is there, but beyond our hearing

While we listen here, our last gasp fearing

We are not gods who all things see

We are mere mortals, but of spirits free

There is always another moment in space

While sunlight shines on our lowly race

When one man’s death may be bathed in darkness

Another is born to perceive life’s starkness

We are a world in perpetual foment

Where life begins at every moment

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