Citizens of Nowhere

A poem prompted by a conversation on the Financial Times blog. Those of you that have travelled a lot will know what I’m trying to say. There are references to Karl Marx, the fact that many people were excluded from voting in the referendum debacle, the bureaucracy that we face at non-EU borders, and Trump Magamania (Maga = Make America Great Again).

Citizens of Nowhere

Citizens of Nowhere, unite!

You have nothing to use but your brains

There are things in this world for which you should fight

And others which just boil the blood in your veins

Let the Citizens of Somewhere rejoice

At least their opinions will be given a voice!


Citizens of Nowhere, resist!

A fight is not futile that tears down fences

There are people in this world condemned to subsist

Until their compatriots come to their senses

Citizens of Somewhere, take heed

All human beings are not of your creed!


Citizens of Nowhere, arise!

Stand up for that which you know to be right

What you have experienced with your own eyes

Is beyond the range of one nation’s sight

Let Citizens of Somewhere be proud

Of the martial music that you find too loud!


Citizens of Nowhere, react!

Your place of birth should have no meaning

There are facts of your life which may not be exact

Whose revelation should be seen as demeaning

Citizens of Somewhere who pose those questions

Should be begged to provide better suggestions!


Citizens of Nowhere, your cause

Though not obvious is increasingly clear

Good deeds may not gain universal applause

Even from a culture that you now hold dear

As the force of Citizens of Somewhere degrades

You may be subject to abusive tirades!


Citizens of Nowhere, accept!

You may now have only knowledge to gain

There are strange habits which you must respect

In a country wherein you choose to remain

Let the Citizens of Somewhere again feel great

Even though you know it’s already too late!