Never-Never Land

Something of a political polemic manifesting the frustration felt by the inability of our illustrious leader to keep any commitment he made whilst promoting Brexit, gaining leadership of his party and then, finally, reaching the pinnacle of power, his only achievement thus far. The first poem I have finished since moving to our new house, hence the apologies for the white, bright walls.

Never-Never Land


The never-never land proposed by our elite –

Those sellers of dreams to the ill-informed

Those protected in power by the well-uniformed

They who consume until more than replete –

Is not just a place within these three dimensions

Nor merely a sop to aspirant pretensions

But a mix of vain hope and falsehood

The reconstruction of an edifice in which truth once stood


Never is now just a very long time

Which starts whenever they decide it must

And ends when their promises turn to dust

But belief in the absurd is a political crime

Though we all, at times, lack verbal precision

As we try to manage our own indecision

But their pursuit of ideological perfection

Obscures the absence of true reflection


Forever and ever is a term just as spurious

As if life beyond our imagination could last

With no acceptable meaning to future or past

An expression that even the certain find curious

In time and space, we all use approximations

As our lives are guided by our own estimations

But our leaders feel they have no need to be exact

For them it’s more important to be seen to act


Let’s agree that our sphere is only roughly round

For which, of course, they can accept no blame

But fulfilling their commitments should be no game

If we discard the defects, by the purist, found

There remains the deliberately, imperfectly perceived

Or that which is solely in their own wisdom received

We manage our humdrum, more-or-less, every day

That’s pragmatism or so we often hear say

But they expect us to believe in some unseen hand

In their far away, fantasy, Never-Never Land


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