Faith Schools

The National Secular Society has just published a report on faith schools which is worth reading. On their website, those that are interested are able to sign a petition or write to their MP in an easy and efficient fashion.

The UK, via its parliament, has determined that our children cannot vote until they are 18 years old. That view cannot be compatible with the idea of them being confined to learn in a single belief system before the age of majority. We seem to be going backwards instead of forwards in trying to promote faith schools. Classes in comparative religion are a good thing, in my opinion, but can only be unbiased in a multi-faith or no-faith structure. I have no problem with religious people educating children but it should never be obvious what their beliefs are until the child is deemed to be capable of making a judgment based upon knowledge rather than heritage. It is noticeable that, in prison, we strictly adhere to the idea that prisoners should be able to practice whatever faith they wish. Although in practice, the prison system limits their choice, at least there is an attempt to recognise that there are multiple valid choices of faith, even in Her Majesty’s Prison Service in a regime where there is an established church. We do not choose where we are born nor what religion if any our parents; may choose to follow. Let’s give freedom of choice to our children.