Church Times

Not a lot to say about this except that the title is a silly play on words of sorts. I spend a lot of time walking and some of it through churchyards. An act that oft times makes me react.

Church Times

The churches that chime the times that change

Cherished those who were once called wise

And, in defining the hour within earshot range

Gave succour to those who searched the skies

For signs of sun or moon or star

To fix an object near or far

Later, trains travelled on rusty rails

Respecting the time from whence they departed

Yet delivered their cargo to ships with sails

Arriving, yet, before loading had started

Tides were sailors’ own favoured clocks

Even when tracks brought goods to docks

And still there are those who rely on the moon

To tell them when and what to pray

They will not start a minute too soon

As only the ordained dare define the day

Descending to the depths of ancient ritual

To find the source of the sacred and spiritual

O! bless the present and priestly enlightened

And those of the past who gave preference to science

Over manipulating the masses, those easily frightened

Or treating as fact what was poetic licence

Reading books by oil lamp in darkened room

Rejecting the threats of the mongers of doom

Now we can be armed on wrists with watches

Some connected to satellites made by man

No longer counting on wood-scraped notches

Pursuing technology’s permanent plan

To enhance our lives – for better or worse

Filling the public or private purse

As we walk by churchyard and hear that sound

We should wonder what is the current meaning

Of the noise of the bells that the graves surround

New stones upright and old ones leaning

To some of us it may still seem so strange

That churches chime the times that change

Author: Danny Barrs

Proud to be European, Prison Poet, Humanist, Moderate Vegan, Republican in the UK sense. Music Lover: Schoenberg, Mahler, Boulez, Shostakovich amongst many others Fair weather cyclist, speed walker, amateur mathematician

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